Do I know how to celebrate the holidays or what!  This jolly fat man sat in my recliner watching movies, yes some Christmas themed, and a lot of sports.

Back on December 11th I had neck surgery to repair damage in the C-4 C-5 and the C5-5 C-6 area of my spine.  Things went well and despite fatigue I am doing well.

The surgery did cause a very sore throat and a difficulty swallowing on of the medications I take.  They are vitamins but are huge.  The night after the surgery I started chocking but luckily the pill was not blocking my airwaves.  The tiny nurse said she was trying to plan how to do the Heimlich on big ole me.  I probably outweighed her buy 200 lbs. or more.  But after lots of water, and pudding didn’t work we tried Diet Coke.  That stuff will eat through anything.

I am so glad to be back!   Let’s hope 202 gets better




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