In 1966 I was a Bat kid.  I wanted to be Batman.  When the TV series came on it was hey don’t bother me Batman’s on.  How Bat Crazy was I to this day when someone ask me what one of my favorite Christmas presents was I say when my mom got me a White Batman T-shirt with the batman logo on it.  I was in Bat hog heaven.  I think I wore it I grew out of it I loved that shirt.

Another Bat memory involves my Mother.  I had told you in the past where we didn’t have a lot of extra money but when The Batman Movie came to Memphis she took a day off of her work so I could go.   I remember waiting to get into the drive- in on what is now Elvis Presley Blvd.  I can remember Mom’s smile as she paid for our tickets and handed me the autographed Black and White Batman and Robin publicity photo.

You probably think my love of Batman took a few years off.  Not so- anytime there was a Batman Cartoon series I was watching.  The Super Friends I loved.

As the years went by the Michael Keaton Batman movies found me munching POPCORN and loving the stories.  Batman the Animated series is considered a classic.  And one of my favorite Batman shows of all time was Batman Beyond.  Some of the best dramatic writing on TV telling a great story of the relationships of an aging Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis.  It was and is one of my wife’s favorites too.  One year for Christmas she asked me for Batman Beyond the complete series.   Is she not the perfect woman for me?   Holy Matrimony —YEAH.

As more hero movies come out, my most anticipated ones always have Batman.  When I had my knee replacement surgery I was upset because Batman V Superman came out. (Yep I loved it)

Why this love of the caped crusader?  I think it was because he lost his parents early and I lost my dad early. Bruce Wayne always wanted to stand up to bullies and the bad guy and over the years I find myself sticking up for those who can’t themselves.

I collect Batman comics and action figures…  my collection though KOOL has very little value but I love looking at them and enjoying them

Last night I received a call from a friend who wanted to come over and give me something.  Hey a gift — I’m in.  My friend Mitch knows I have some mobility issues and made me a walking stick…. But not just any stick A BAT STICK.



Holy Splinter in my finger that is so KOOL

Yesterday at the radio station Will told me he had just interview Burt Ward.  Robin on the Batman TV show.  The interview is about 10 minutes and Burt talks about his charitable work and then about 6 ½ in they talk Batman

The website again is

Thanks will for letting me use this.  (He’s a big Bat fan too)

Stupid news: A snow day in Alaska and being open 24 hours in Texas doesn’t mean a lot

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