I HAVE BEEN KNOW TO BE A “Wild and Crazy Guy” and I blame the early years of Saturday night live “Yeah that’s the ticket)

I went to Ricks College in 1975 when Saturday night Live debuted on NBC and the battle of the quotable lines started. On Sunday mornings at Church of all places you could tell those of us who had watched the show.  We would call each other Wild and Crazy guys or do the little wiggle made famous by Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd.   You with my friends it was “Always Something”

As I matured and grew I was always ready for someone to “Pump you up”.  I could sing like a knighting gale to my version of “Uking for lub in all the Wong places” is a classic.

SNL even affected my love of sports as I always knew “Baseball was berry berry good to me” And who could watch the NFL and not love “Da Bears” but I just couldn’t bring myself to love Da Cubs”

While in college I always was read to go “Sitting in a Hot tub” because after a hot tub party the ladies would always tell me “You look Marvelous”

Then as I age I find “It’s always something” I would get “ A fever for more cowbell” or a little hunger late at night and break out the old “BASS O MATIC “or go out for a late meal of “Cheeburger Cheebuger and a Coke, no coke Pepsi”

Over the years I watched less and less I guess it is because “I’m good enough , I smart enough and doggone it , people like me” and as cable started to give us more options I started watching more let’s say mature programing “SWING”.  Well I guess I better wrap this up so “Party on Wayne Party on Garth”.  So I will be back on Tuesday morning after I go to my home “In a Van down by the River eating Government Cheese”

Just remember my love for SNL.  So until we meet again “BAH BYE” and “I am Dave Denton and you’re not”

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