With winter here we all need to take a little more care in our driving.  Not only because of slick roads but FOG!  It was a very foggy commute and as you know when we get inversion we get even thicker fog.  One concern I have is not just driving early in the morning, but also later in the day when it lighter and we can see somewhat better.  But it is still a good idea on a foggy day not for you to see better but for other drivers see you better.

I wonder if those safe driving apps work for this.

Then last night I saw a dangerous situation as it started getting darker.  There was a car in front of us who had one tail light working   ONE!  Brake lights nope, turn signal yes.  But no brake lights.  That is a downside to not having safety inspection anymore.

Just be careful:

As you know I have had a difficult fall and early winter.  2 months ago I had surgery for damaged wrist, things are better but today I am on my 3rd brace with lots of rehab work that is painful as I try to regain use of my wrist and fingers.  I have also has a tooth extraction and now one week from today I will have neck surgery and will probably be out of action for a couple of weeks.  Man do I feel old.

I found this survey about how old we are when our bodies start to fall apart and it said 40.

The survey found that we start noticing things don’t work quite like they used to between 37 and 40.  And then all this happens . . .

  1. Back pain starts at an average age of 44.
  2. Our sense of smell dulls at 46.
  3. Our ankles get weak at 47.
  4. Our knees start hurting at 47.
  5. And we start losing our hearing at 49.

But did you notice with all this losing of youth we don’t lose weight.

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