Did they get paid to study that?

I might not understand the importance of some scientific studies, maybe I don’t have an enquiring mind.  Then I hear about some study that comes up with a well duh conclusions

Here are a few example I found in Time Magazine

And according to Time these studies are real – funded—and peer reviewed.

Yep they get paid.   As Steve Martin said in The Jerk

If you happen to suffer a traumatic brain injury, don’t be surprised if you experience headaches as a result.

In other breakthrough findings: knee surgery may interfere with your jogging,

Here is a good one.  There are multiple causes of death in very old people.

Study shows beneficial effect of electric fans in extreme heat and humidity.

 A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) last February. Still to come: “Why Snow-Blower Use Declines in July.”

Study shows benefit of higher quality screening colonoscopies

Being homeless is bad for your health

Scientists Discover a Difference between the Sexes




Maybe I don’t get it and I never will but to think people get paid to come up with these conclusions makes me …..Envious.

So I am thinking I should make a proposal to fund a scientific study about WHAT MAKES US KOOL”

Someone has beat me to the punch on this one the Daily Mail.  Here are some findings that started when two psychologists had an argument about Actor Steve Bucemi and if he was KOOL

Applying an empirical investigation to discover the nature of coolness, three separate studies were devised to first identify through a survey qualities that were cool, then ask people to rank those qualities in desirability and then to rank their friends on these qualities. They came up with questions three separate studies which asked 353 college students at the University of British Columbia to first submit words they thought described cool.

What they discovered was that the students they used in their study thought that friendliness constitutes cool.

Also listed as desirable traits that are equated with coolness are trendiness, individualism, confidence and having a sense of humor.

OK, that was science but I don’t know if you can define KOOL in real life.  Why?  People have different taste in everything.

I consider myself to be kind of KOOL and there two things about me that I get the strangest responses from when they find out about me.

I DON’T LIKE PIZZA!  Man you would think I was the scum of the earth when I say that.  But maybe there is hope for me in that regard.   I have found a thin crust with white sauce and chicken is eatable.


The responses here are mixed here.   “Me too”  “I used to watch it” and then there is my favorite YOU KNOW IT’S FAKE” to which I give me best smart &^% remark.


Look I get it. Wrestling is not for everyone, but that is what life is all about I think Pro Wrestling is KOOL and you don’t.  You might think watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is KOOL.  I don’t

That means nothing, because in the grand scheme of things being KOOL is who we are, not science!


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