Have you ever been late for work?  I know I have, but not very often.  When I was working in Troy  Mo.  I was almost 3 hours late because of an ice storm and on a slick road you guessed I went into a ditch.  This is the age before cell phones and I was on a very country roads with little traffic at 4:30 am.  I remember I got out of my car said a few choice words and took a step and as Homer would say “DOH”.  I think I heard every vertebrae in my back pop and it was painful.  After a few minutes I was able to get up and walk the mile to where I was staying.  After making calls to let people know what happened I finally made it to the radio station and finished my show sore and embarrassed.

     Now here is the thing, my boss didn’t believe me!  Yeah a few weeks later when we talking about a problem.  He became angry with me and said that he didn’t believe I had been late because of an accident  he thought I had slept in.   Wow I was stunned,  let’s just say that I found another job quickly and that job was here in Utah! 

A new survey  by Acountemps.com found 47% of bosses don’t mind if you’re late every now and then.  And another 10% don’t care at all, as long as you get your work done.  But when it becomes a TREND, we dig pretty deep for a good excuse.  Here are ten of the dumbest excuses people have used for being late to work .

  1. “I drove to my old job out of habit.”
  2. “I thought I was still on vacation.”
  3. “I had nothing to wear.”
  4. “I thought it was Saturday.”
  5. “My hair got caught in a fan.”
  6. “I thought a tube of Super Glue was my contact solution, and glued my eye shut.”
  7. “Geese chased me on the way to my car.”
  8. “I was stuck in an elevator with a kid who pushed all the buttons.”
  9. “I got locked in a gas station bathroom, and had to wait to be rescued.”
  10. “My dog ate my keys.”

So the moral of the story is don’t Super Glue your eye shut or let your dog eat your keys.    GET TO WORK

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