It’s homecoming weekend for Utah State.  Now I did not attend Utah State for college I do have some early memories.

My 1st trip to Logan came in the mid 70’s while I was a student ( a term used loosely ) at Ricks College.  A friend of mine and I came to Logan to see England Dan and John Ford Colley in concert at the Spectrum.    Driving on main street I said to Kenny “I like this town” little did I know that less than 20 years later I would meet my wife here and settle down in Logan.  And yes I still “Like this town”

When I was growing up in Memphis Tn. I was always a football fan and even if I had never been to Utah I still followed Utah , Utah State and B.Y.U. football.

When I was a teenager I found out that Utah State was going to play the Memphis State Tigers and I convinced my mom to let my sister and I go to the game.   We went to the game on a city bus and saw a wild college game with several interceptions and lots of scoring.  I don’t remember who won, but I always remember the game.

Years later I was working at a radio station in Montgomery City Mo.  And had been to several Mizzou game and found out that Utah State would be playing in Columbia.  I had to go, got tickets and on a beautiful Saturday afternoon watched the Aggie get demolished by the Tigers.

So I had been to two Aggie football games before moving and finding work here in Logan.  Since then I been with the Aggies  in beautiful fall weather and times when the snow and ice made it difficult to sit in the stands and cheer the Aggies on .   One game the conditions were so cold  that my wife and I decided to leave with throngs of others at half time.   As we are leaving I see a man I knew who was almost 100 years old and he was a die hard Aggie and he was leaving too.   We joked about how soft we were getting.

Sitting at the stadium I have seen h heartbreaking losses and thrilling victory’s.    The win’s are the most memorable, wins over The University of Utah, B.Y.U. and Boise state stand out in my memory.

Let’s just say GO AGGIES !

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