The is an old sport analogy about the difference of playing hurt and playing injured.

Playing hurt means you have body parts that don’t feel right but you can’t hurt them any worse so you grit your teeth and play through the pain.

Playing injured is dangerous because you run the risk of more serious injury.

Well today I am playing HURT and feel very lucky not to be trying to play injured.

Monday morning I found myself in a very serious situation, buy myself and no one within blocks of where I was, when it happened.   I made a couple of bad choices and found myself stuck in a situation where my left leg was literally stuck and I was hanging onto a handle with my right hand while my body was twisted in a way that would have made anyone who ever played Twister proud.

One problem my old body should now be twisted like that and I was in serious pain and I could not reach my cell phone to call for help.  To be frank a situation that if things went bad I would be addressing you from a Hospital bed with a broken ankle and hip and who knows what else.

The good news is that after about 20 minutes of agony and several feeble attempts at freeing myself I barely got my foot out of the position it was in and finally wiggled free.   I made some calls for help and addressed the issue of how bad I was hurt before I could stand and attempt to make a step.

I was in pain but not the kind of pain that you knew that it was serious.  I could walk, not well but walking didn’t make things worse.

So after a night’s rest I got up showered and hobbled my way to the station.   Yes I am in some pain, not bad but enough to know it is there.  I think the thing that hurts worst today is my throat from all the screaming for help.

It was 24 hours ago and I can laugh about how I must have looked twisted like a big fat pretzel hanging on for dear life screaming to the top of my lungs.  But the best part is I can tell you and any athlete out there that when the training staff tells you there is a difference between playing hurt and playing injured, they are telling you the truth.

However playing hurt — HURTS LIKE HELL!

Today is national burger day and here is our salute.

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