I am in week two of working from home and for the most part it is going well.  Frustrating but pretty good.

This morning I actually started my day at 4AM!   Why so early?


I am not complaining but sometimes computers insert four letter words here! 

This morning as I was a little frustrating, I was on the computer searching for the morning show and downloading items that I use.  Now I have been doing this for more than a week at home and then this morning it didn’t want to work.   I tried and tried different things and finally figured out the computer was downloading to a completely different file. WHY?   Because it is “insert four letter words here”.

Then it is almost 6am.  Time to play radio.  So, to do what from home is a 9-step process.    And I go through that 9-step process at least 25 times a day Technology is amazing, and I am really grateful that I can be at home and still be with you each and every morning.

Later in the morning I needed to access the KOOL webpage.  But the way I access the page would not work,  I tried over and over and over, then for some unknown reason.

Oh yeah by the way the insert four letter words here word program went crazy.   I was typing away and the icon had some how moved about 3 lines up form where I was typing.   Then I had a hard time fixing the lines and putting them where I wanted them.  So, let’s be honest that probably because of my insert four letter words here, FAT FINGERS!