Is there anything more beautiful than seeing the landscape all in white after a snow storm?   One of my favorite things to see in the winter is the snow on the trees and during Christmas to see the evergreen bushes that have lights under the snow.  I also like to walk outside right after a snow late at night or early in the morning and listen to the quite, it is a unique quite that I can’t describe but I would bet you know exactly what I am talking about.

Yes I love a Cache Valley winter usually!  But every year we get a time of INVERSION!  The air is trapped because of the cold and the only thing that can clean the air is a storm system to move through and stir up the air.   I also dread the inversion because it makes it so hard to breath.  You know that people with health issues are having a hard time breathing and on the news they are telling us not to idle our cars, yet this morning I stop at a store near the station at 5am and there are 2 cars in the lot with the cars running and no one in them.  Come on people you are adding to the Inversion and on top of that you are asking to have your car stolen.    THINK!

There are so many wonderful things about winter and where we all live work and play.  BUT THE INVERSION AIN’T ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

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