Is a new Bruce Springsteen box set coming this Holiday season? According to fan posts on the unofficial Springsteen message board via, a new collection is definitely in the works. Posters noted that longtime solo Springsteen drummer Gary Mallaber stated on Facebook that Springsteen's camp had informed him that the tracks he had drummed on during the Western Stars sessions would not be used on the album — but rather a box set coming towards the end of the year.

Several reputable sources on the board confirmed that this is not simply a case of an expanded version of the just-released Western Stars album with bonus tracks, but rather the multi-disc “Boss” box set that has been a poorly kept secret over the past few years.

Over the past decade, Springsteen has released two box sets containing previously unreleased material — 2010's The Promise: 'The Darkness On The Edge Of Town' Story and 2015's The Ties That Bind: 'The River' Collection.

At the time of The Ties That Bind box set, Steve Van Zandt told us that he was particularly thrilled that Springsteen fans were finally able to hear what he considers among the best music the E Street Band ever committed to tape: “Every single outtake on The River was a lost argument. I was fighting for every single one of ‘em, y’know? I mean, he wrote, basically, three fantastic albums. Y’know, and we put out a double album, but there was that whole outtake album, which is the best E Street Band album, ever — on Disc Two of Tracks — and now, they found another, whatever it is, eight or 10. . . and wait ’til you hear the quality of these things. You can not believe the quality!”


Nils Lofgren started a brief Twitter feud with former-White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci. Deadline reported he E Street Band guitarist watched Scaramucci on MSNBC discussing Sara Huckabee Sanders' departure from her role as Donald Trump's press secretary, and tweeted: “This ass wipe is still trying to get a gig in the #WhiteHouse. @MSNBC why? Don’t sully yourself with this nit wit.”

Scaramucci slammed back posting, “No one knows who he is. . . A complete joke. I am happy for you that I was able to raise your profile for a few moments after you attacked me. Go back to being a nobody now. “

The world renowned Lofgren tweeted back: “More laughing. There’s your problem moochster, I’m not worried about my profile. That’s your thing. I’m worried about this country that I love. Not working for this criminal enterprise you call a presidency.”

Scaramucci went on to post: “If you were a First Fiddle you would have never launched an attack me and you would never have to tweet that You are probably a second fiddle with a 9th Fiddle’s self esteem. Must be tough. . .”

David Crosby chimed in defending Lofgren by writing: “Nils is so much more of a human being than you, Mooch.”

Comedian Christopher Titus slammed Scaramucci by saying, “Mooch, This Tweet is gold level do****bag. Bro, every time I see you I think 'Did Scorsese open an 80's theme park?' @nilslofgren is a legend, Sit down and chamois some grease from that pompadour. You're proof that money just plugs an amplifier in the ass*** you already are LMAO”

Scaramucci and Lofgren both seemed to realize that the back and forth was starting to take on a profoundly negative slant, with Lofgren posting, “My new album is available at nils #Bluewithlou I apologize for calling you an asswipe. I think you will enjoy it. And find out who I am.”

Scaramucci wrote: “Congratulations Nils. I wish you well. You probably don’t believe this but I will go out and purchase the tracks. Send me the link so I can retweet. Be nice. There is no need to go off on a stranger. @twitter is a place where humanity goes to die. “