Bruce Springsteen fans are scratching their heads as to the two recent shots of desert trees posted as updates on “The Boss'” Twitter and Instagram feeds. reported that Tuesday's (April 23rd) post ruled out the theory that Springsteen was simply posting a photo in celebration of Earth Day on Monday.

According to the report: “The timing of the social media posts is somewhat conspicuous. Rumors began to circulate in Europe last week about the new album, with supposed Springsteen insiders from Italy claiming a new single was coming April 26th and a new album would follow in June. Now, that’s all currently unsubstantiated, but Springsteen did say in December that in 2019 he’d be taking a break from touring to focus on 'various recording projects I’ve been working on.'”

Last year, Springsteen told Variety that his next album was already in the can and featured a production sound reminiscent of the expansive tracks produced in the 1970's by such artists as “Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, (and) Burt Bacharach.”

Not too long ago, Bruce Springsteen explained the core elements of his songwriting process: “I try to find a character. . . You should find a theme that you're interested in, but that is, sort of, coming up out of, I think, your own psychological needs and point of view at the moment. And then, what happens if you do it right, you start from the inside out and you grow your way into what the record or what the music is going to be thematically about.”