As I was getting ready to come into the station today I was reading an article about Facebook.  The article from the Pew research group says that a large number of people are taking a break or has deleted Facebook out of there live.   They give three reasons

Conservatives think Facebook is going too far to censor them, while Liberals think it is not going far enough.

Young people don’t think Facebook is KOOL anymore.

People believe that Facebook is exploding everyone and sell our data to anyone who wants it.

Well PEW you missed a glaring reason why Facebook numbers are falling and that reason is US!

Yes we have to take blame for what is happening with Facebook and other social media because we can’t keep using Facebook to advance their personal agendas.  Not only that we have a lot of false courage when we sit behind a keyboard and will respond to a post or an opinion that differs from your view and your response is sometime crude rude cruel and vulgar.  Not everyone does this but you know exactly what I mean.

Especially when it comes to politics and political post.  If you lean right or if you lean left you are part of the problem, but you can be part of the solution too.  The right of Free Speech carries with it a huge obligation.  That obligation is to be civil in your post.  The written word is powerful but sometimes can be misinterpreted by the reader. 

You might remember a recent blog where I touched on this.  I had made a post about an actor is very liberal in his political views and I am more conservative.  The post was supposed to be about his personal life which I have no respect for.  However a liberal friend found a different meaning to my post than what I had intended and suddenly my post became a political shouting match and hurt feelings and bruised egos.

In today’s news cycle the big story involves a former NFL Quarterback and a shoe company and as I scan my Facebook page I read some not all of the post and comments that are hateful and rude.   LET ME POINT THIS OUT NOW.   I SEE IT ON THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE AND THE LIBERAL SIDE.

On this issue I take no side.  I have never owned a swoosh, can’t afford to buy a swoosh.  I don’t like the looks of the swoosh so even if I could afford a swoosh I probably wouldn’t buy a swoosh.  But if you choose to buy or not buy a swoosh I really don’t give a swoosh.  Do what you want.

I just want Facebook to get back to what it should be.  A platform for friends to keep in touch with each other. To send pictures of food, babies along with dogs and cats. 

So today I have a challenge for the computer gurus at Facebook give us to post with an * this post might be considered offensive to some people.  If you are sensitive to this just don’t read it”


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