“You want a cold drink/”

“Sure I will take a Coke. “

“What kind of Coke?”

“Oh a Pepsi will be fine”

That would be heard over and over again while I was growing up.  In my part of the south every soda was called a “COKE’

The website coca-colacompany.com backs me up on that.

People from different parts of the country call our soft drinks different words.  When I went to Ricks College when I would say “Coke” I heard the snickers of people thinking I was strange.  (They are kind of right)

But to fair in the area I grew up in Memphis there were a lot of Navy men and women and we would laugh when the would say the wanted a Soda or Pop or Soda Pop.  It just sounded different to us.

Here in Utah we seem to be a little split between Soda and Pop.  I must admit when I hear myself say I want a Soda it sounds funny to me.

But the strangest localism for Coke had to come the 1st time I went to see the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was a hot muggy day of baseball and the people walking up and down the stair selling cool liquid refreshments could be heard screaming out the product they were selling “BEER, HERE, GET YOUR ICE COLD BEER, HERE” Hey it’s called Bush stadium for a reason.  Sometimes you would hear. “HOT DOGS” “ICE CREAM” or ‘SOADEE, ICE COLD SOADEE”


Not soda, not pop, not soda pop but SOADEE.

I was with some St Louis natives and I had to ask “What is a SOADEE?    I found out in a hurry with some unique looks SOADEE was what I called COKE!

Over the years I think I have tried em all.  Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, R-C Cola ( which you have to have a Moon Pie with, trust me—trust a Fat Man)

I really love soda and my belly grew to prove it.  Instead of a beer gut I had a Dr Pepper Gut.  I went years where Root beer and Sprite were the chosen drink.   Now I am a Diet Mt Dew fan.    I simply say I am getting a DEWAGE.

Maybe I should have a Coke now!  Yep I am going to the store to get some Dew age.

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