Remember when Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman took on each other inside the squared circle of a professional wrestling ring.

That one match must have been the training ground for today’s NBA referees.   How else can you explain how in last night’s NBA game between the Lakers and the Jazz that LaBron James got away with this?

Just like watching a WWE match everyone but the official saw King James stop his dribble hold the ball and start again

WWE official Charles Robison should be proud.

NBA refs are well known to turn the other check on traveling violations, three second calls and more.  But to any Jazz fan the worst NBA call of all time involves Michael Jordan and B-russ

Am I bitter- you bet I am, but not as bitter when Hulk Hogan beat Sting  when the first ref was knocked out and a second official  came in thinking the match was still going on even though the first official  had called for a stop of the match.  That was the worst NBA I mean wrestling ref ever.

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