This is one of favorite times of the year!  It is not that I don’t enjoy summer but I don’t like hot weather.

This morning as I got to the radio station, I get out of my car and the morning has a little chill at 42 degree’s!  But that is not why this is one of favorite times of the year.  I know we have some more hot weather on the way

There are a lot of reason why this is such a great time of the year.


MLB is getting ready for the end of the season and some races are close but the race that I thought I would not enjoy but I do is the wildcard race.  When MLB started the wild card race I was all against it!  I am a bit of a purist but I will admit having that extra race at the end of the season has added a little bit of excitement to the end of the season.    But I still hate the DH!

College Football starts, well it actually started last week but the Aggies start this Friday at Michigan State.  GO AGGIES.

The NFL is almost here.  NEED I SAY ANYMORE!

The NBA season will start preseason at the end of September!   GO JAZZ!

The New TV season is getting ready to start.

With so many great choices on TV I will be giving my DVR and Streaming services a workout!

The networks have changed up the way they do the premiers so most networks have the fall show premiers spread out.

Of course the Super Hero shows are the ones I look forward to the most.   The final season of Gotham with take a young Bruce Wayne and show how he becomes THE BATMAN.

There are others that I can’t wait to see.  Arrow, The Flash, Legends all on the CW network.  But if you have not watch The Gifted on Fox you need to give it a try.  It is a great show about gifted (Super powers) people.

The Big Bang Theory also closes out its run this season.  Will Sheldon and Amie have a baby?  Will Penny and Leonard continue to fight?  Will Howard and Bernadette have a third baby?  Will Raj get a real girl friend? And will the comic book store continue to be a part of their lives?

We are getting closer to the fall colors too.   I wonder how the hot dry conditions of the summer will affect this year’s colors.  I mean is there anything better that a drive in the MT’s and the fall leaves?

And my favorite thig about this time of the year….. Pumpkin Spice everything.  Not really, I do enjoy some pumpkin spice food (the bread with the chocolate chips) but boy I get tired of hearing about it.   Last year when I was in Salt Lake we drove by a business which was trying to cash in on the pumpkin spice craze with a big sign the read


Today on the morning show we talked hot weather and a man in KY who had his home broken into by his cousin.

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