I had one of those days….. Not really just a strange day

As you know my day starts at 4:15 in the am.  Take care of the three S’s ( Shower ,Shave, Shampoo) breakfast and off I go to arrive at the station around 5am and it is time to get down to the job at hand.   Playing radio!   I love playing radio, it is a job that lets me be creative and have fun.   I was yawing a lot and kind of sleepy but things were going well tell about 8:15am.

About that time all I wanted to do was take a nap!  I yawned so much my eyes were watering with teardrops going down my checks AHHHH!  But I had a job to do so buck up soldier.  I tried. I really tried.

I was writing the blog post for Tuesday and struggling staying awake and I guess I nodded off for a little.( don’t tell the boss )  I woke up looked at the screen and saw 43 lines of the letter K.   43 lines.   I just wanted a nap but I still had things I needed to do.  I woke up a little and made it through the morning.   Time to go home for lunch and a nap.

Not so fast.  I got home and was wide awake.  About 1pm a short nap did happened (Yeah for naps).  I decided that I would wash the dishes (Yes, I do dishes and laundry too).  One little thing, I forgot to turn on the dish washer!  I even texted my wife to tell her the dishes are done.  About an hour and a half later.  Light bulb moment.   I turned on the dishwasher.

The strange day continues about 1am this morning I woke up with nature calling and I don’t have call waiting.

As I am getting back into bed I look at the alarm clock and promptly turn off the alarm!  Luckily I woke up about 4:30am and got to work at the usual time.  I guess when I turned off my alarm I unplugged my phone and now the battery is way down and I have received a bunch of text from friends and family.  I answered two of them with the wrong info… yep I didn’t look to see who I was texting.

It has been a strange 24 hours.  At least I am awake!!! But man I need a nap

Today on the morning show.  Netflix and Screen time

Stupid News:  I left a note- teaching a kid a lesson and cell phone theft.

Laff lines: Mini vans