It was an up and down weekend for me

Saturday started off a little off because my wife and I usually go to breakfast on Saturdays but because of other commitments we couldn’t do it.  (I missed out on my biscuits and gravy)

Saturday was just off, computer and phone issues early in the day got me extremely frustrated.  Saturday afternoon was a different story.   I was calm sitting in a rocker on the porch eating Hot Tamales candy and napping a little.

Saturday was also an event I look forward too every year FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” So off I went to my comic store and indulged in some free stuff!  I love those two words FREE STUF!

Saturday evening I had planned on going to the Extreme Midget Wrestling show but I forgot it was going on until 5 minutes before the event.  That got me frustrated again.  This time Ice cream calmed me down

Sunday was good but all I could think about were the frustration of the weekend and I was out of Hot Tamales candy but burgers and more ice cream calmed me right down.

As I sit here putting my thoughts down I seem to be dwelling on Saturday and the frustrations of the weekend keep popping up in my mind you do know there is a store close to here and I know they have Hot Tamales.   I think I need some.

Today on the morning show we talked showers and super powers

Stupid news was ewww and argggg

Laff Lines: shopping carts