Over the weekend I finally got to see the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” the story of the rise to fame and the fall from grace of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

From the start I was hooked as the opening began with “Somebody to Love” one of my favorite Queen songs.

The movie did a great job showing how the band evolved and the brilliance of group.  It also gave an important lesson in life.

 Choices have consequences.

The movie focused on Freddy Mercury and his life and his extreme talent in writing music and performing.  As the movie progressed you saw Freddie taking advice from the wrong people, the people who fed his ego and were out to use him for their own personal gain.

Let me make sure you understand what I am saying.  This has nothing to do with his sexuality but it does have a lot to do with the bad choices he made that lead to his death of H.I.V. – AIDS.

Drug and alcohol abuse led to many bad choices in Freddy’s life.  It was so sad to see this extremely gifted man spiral out of control in a way that making a few better choices could have eased or erased.

I know this is kind of a deep subject matter for me to write about, but we see it too many times in our lives not just rock stars and celebrities but in our everyday lives.

Our choices have consequences some good some bad.

I am not perfect by any means and I have made plenty of bad choices and still do.  Our struggle in life is to make better choices.

I was really sad at the ending of Bohemian Rhapsody. As a fan of the band I kept thinking of the music and performances we missed out on.  I was happy to see that Freddy lived in a loving relationship the last years of his life, but sad that the choice he made cost him his life.

I loved the movie but even as I write this I am a little sad and every time I here “Somebody to Love” I think I will always be a little sad.

Saturday night friends invited us to their home to watch “Auqaman” and have dinner ‘FISH AND CHIPS” get it Auqaman and fish and chips HAHAHAHAHAHA.

It was so much fun to watch this movie with kids in the family and watching the reactions to the movie, but I guess I am a little spoiled.  I had watch Auqaman in 4k on Tuesday night with our sound system too and it added so much to the film.   But we did not have Fish and Chips for dinner so they win.

Today on the morning show we talked winners in the Bracket challenge.

Ajay was back and in the lead for our bracket challenge.

Stupid news had a front end loader and pig and a crook.

Laff lines:  going to dinner