Today is National Cat day:  I had one cat growing up Benny which as a kid we all thought Benny was a boy cat but we found out liter I mean later the He was a She.  Benny was a great cat.

As you know A.J. Lee was on vacation in Italy last week but did I get any gelato as a souvenir???  NOOOOOO to messy I guess.

I asked him this morning about his trip and if he had jet lag.  He said no he didn’t which surprised me because Jet lag is very real for me.  Even on short flights.

I haven’t flown in year but and the last time was to Las Vegas so it was in the same time zone.

That wasn’t the case when I was visiting Las Vegas and I had to fly back on a plane which flew from Vegas to Phoenix to Tulsa then to St Louis.  This flight almost put me in a hospital, literally.

I had heard that flying with a bad head cold was not a good idea.   I didn’t listen and I should have.   I was on the verge of sickness the entire trip and was feeling lousy when I go on board to fly back to Missouri.

The flight to Phoenix went well but waiting for the next flight I was slipping into a worse illness.  I even overheard flight personnel saying our flight to Tulsa was overbooked and they might have to delay some passengers for later flights, I was ready to be bumped because I would get a free flight ticket for another day.  But everyone got on the plane fine, it was packed but I had a good seat.   Then it happened

We took off from Phoenix and Kablamo I felt like someone was pounding on my head with a sledgehammer.   So I decided to close my eyes and sleep on the way to Tulsa.   I made it a little worse for wear but I made it.

A 45 minute layover in Tulsa so I just sat on the plane sipping a soda and eating airplane peanuts.   It was time to take off for St Louis and home to get well.   So I thought.

As we took off I felt like I was going to faint and get the kind of illness no one wants to see.  I grabbed the little air sickness bag hopping it was large enough to handle what I was sure was going to be a monumental air sickness.   I started to reach up to press the attendant button but I guess I kind of passed out and no one noticed.

I woke up just as we landed in St. Louis ready to get into the car and go home to sleep and get better.  I stumbled down the walkway clinging to the wall to make sure I wouldn’t fall, I felt horrid but the macho side of me was saying to let on that you’re sick.  Be a man and man up get your luggage and go home.  Which I did.  I told my friend who came to pick me up I wasn’t feeling well and he went to get the car to pick up at the curb.  We packed the trunk and we left for the 90 minute drive to Montgomery City.  I didn’t make it out of the parking lot.

My friend said I fell asleep almost as soon as I sat down and he had to wake me when we got to my home.  I didn’t even unpack or take my clothes off and crashed.  I made it to work the next day but barley, I was feeling better but my body clock was in a panic and it took me three days to get back to normal.

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