It is so hard to eat healthy!  When you have that nagging feeling that tells your body “I FEEL THE NEED TO FEED”.   Snacks are really hard to make healthy but I hear Pop Corn is a healthy snack of course if it prepared properly.  I love popcorn especially movie popcorn with the butter or is it a butter like substance on it.   My wife and I will finish a big tube before the movie starts then get a refill on the way home.   I know some people even just go the theater to buy popcorn and then just go home.  We tried that one day but it was a movie opening and the snack counter line was out the door so we went home and broke out the microwave popcorn.

   We I was a kid my mother had a pot that we used to make popcorn on the stove it had a small cup in the bottom that you  would fill with the oil or butter then put in just the right amount and then wait.  Oh the smell of fresh Popcorn.   My mouth is watering right now,

    So what started all of this today (Friday) is National Popcorn Day.  And according to a recent survey, 92% of us enjoy popcorn, or at least don’t hate it.  Here are the 5 most popular popcorn flavors . . .

  1. Classic butter and salt.  31% of people said it’s their favorite way to eat popcorn.
  2. White cheddar, 16%.
  3. Caramel corn, also 16%.
  4. Kettle corn, 15%.  Women were 30% more likely to say they liked it than men.
  5. Regular cheddar, 11%.  So if you combine that with white cheddar, it’s really 27%.

I had a friend who grew up on a farm where they grew popcorn and her favorite way to eat it was to pour on milk and sugar.   NOPE I wouldn’t but I was told that in the little house books they talk about it a lot.

I love to sit down with a bowl of Popcorn and watch TV but sometimes Popcorn don’t cut it.  I WANT SOMETHING ELSE!  Usually something not healthy.

Thrillist has a the most popular snack here are the top 5

  1. Goldfish. Yes made right here in Richmond!
  2. Reese’s Peanut butter cups (I like the crisp bars better)

3 Pringles

  1. Oreo’s – all those flavor choices but just tear apart the cookie lick the frosting and move on to the next! If you want eat the cookie too!
  2. Doritos

Web Md has suggestion for healthy snacks in no order.

Fat Free instant pudding, Nabisco 100% whole grain fig newton’s (those are pretty good).  Reduced fat Triscuts, Lite Popcorn, and Bagel Bites.

So this weekend I will like you will struggle when it comes to snack time.  So I make a sandwich a BLT without the L or the T.!

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