The Utah Jazz are playing the Houston Rockets this weekend and the Jazz fans are getting flax from some players and some of the press for taking things too far in the actions they take.

Wednesday night a Jazz fan in Huston was yelling at Rocket Star James Harden saying he was a flopper, Harden them slapped the man’s phone.  Some people cried foul on the fan and some cried foul on Harden, who in all likely hood will be NBA MVP.

In the Deseret news this morning there was a message from Jazz owner Gail Miller

The Miller family has owned the Utah Jazz for 33 years,” Jazz owner Gail Miller said in a statement, “and we believe our fans have been among the best in the NBA. They are loyal, loud, passionate and full of enthusiasm for their team.”

The Jazz believe that more than ever — even in the aftermath of allegations of distasteful behavior Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook made after Utah eliminated the Thunder in the first round.

Westbrook had two separate confrontations with Jazz fans en route to the locker room in Game 6 last Friday. He vented about some Utah spectators’ alleged boorish behavior in the postgame press conference.

Later in the article they the d-news quoted Russel Westbrook of the Thunder who had 2 altercations with fans during the playoffs

Here in Utah, man, a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said to the players with these fans. It’s truly disrespectful,”

Westbrook said. “They talk about your family, about your kids, and it’s just a disrespect to the game and I think it’s something that needs to be brought up.

He might be right but then again what is too far.   Fans are part of the game a big part.  Jazz nation is known to be one of the loudest in the NBA and that is KOOL!  The atmosphere of a great home game is something you feel not just hear.

However when the behavior starts being personal, when a so called fan brings up a man’s family that is a different matter altogether.   I have heard it in the stands at sporting events and most of the time security can handle it.  But then again images of Ron Artest punching a fan, baseball players going into the stands   the soccer fans riots in Great Britain.   It is a problem I fear could get worse.  I was at a Salt Lake Bee’s game when the opposing teams bullpen started to go after some fans who were in there ears.

This behavior is sometimes a learned experience.  Some friends of mine have children who play hockey on Saturday’s and one Saturday they were at a tournament in Salt Lake City and they witnessed what I call a criminal act by parents.   THE PARENTS STARTED SPITTING ON THE KIDS ON THE OTHER TEAM!  The tournament officials did disqualify the team the parents were supporting which was the right thing to do, however I believe Police should have been involved “THEY WERE SPITTING ON KIDS” There is a word that describes that kind of action but I am not supposed to use that kind of language.   So please fill in the blank.   THESE PEOPLE  ARE SICK TWISTED IDIOTIC ________________.

How can we stop these events from happening, you can’t.  Emotions run high in sports on the field and on the field or court.  So go to the games enjoy yourself cheer for your team but remember athletics of all ages are human and they can have a temper too and sometimes both sides take things too far.


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