I have never been to Disneyland.  Close yes but never inside.

I am sure that surprises many but to others who have never been you are probably say.” NO BIGGY DAVE’

When I moved out west I figured there would be time to make my way to Disneyland.  When I lived in Idaho some friends and I talked about a trip but it never happened.

Then I got married and my wife and I just never wanted to go.  Not our thing.

So why do I say I was close to going to Disneyland.  Well it is kind of a”GOOFY” story.  GET IT … obvious humor huh?

Several years ago a tragic event occurred in my family and my wife and I went to Central California to be with family.   As part of that trip as a family we gathered in Orange County a few days later.   Another family member had booked a nearby hotel for us to stay in.

We left Central California to drive to Orange County.   Our luck put us in LA right at rush hour.   Yes that was my favorite part of the trip.  But thanks to my wife superior navigating skills and my superior driving ability we made our destination.

As I turned into the parking lot and pried my fingers off the steering wheel I knew we were at our destination.

THE CANDY CANE INN.   It was right next to DISNEYLAND.

A really nice hotel within walking distance of the DISNEYLAND GATE!

It was getting close to dark and we were hungry so I looked at my wife and said.  There is a 7 -11 less than a block away.   I did not want to drive another inch.

The next day the family gathered and asked if we could stay one more night to which we politely declined.  Because we really needed to get back to Logan and that is one long drive.

So off we drove north and stopped in the adult DISNEYLAND …. LAS VEGAS.

We have family there and it was nice to visit with them.   It also nice that I won a little cash … I said little I think I won enough for tank of gas or a trip to the breakfast buffet!

That trip began after a tragic incident.  Then it became a chance to be with family.  See a part of the country I had never been too and being so close to DISNEYLAND that we watched the nightly fireworks from our hotel window.   Yep that was close enough for me!

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