Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the legendary Jackson family -- including Michael, Janet, and Jermaine -- died at age 89 on Wednesday (June 27th) in a hospital in Las Vegas, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Jackson, whose immediate family was said to have been kept away from him in his final days, had been battling a string of health issues in recent years, suffered a stroke and several heart attacks in 2015, and recently was reportedly suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer. Joseph is survived by his estranged wife Katherine and surviving children -- Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Randy, Janet, and his love child Joh'Vonnie from an outside relationship. Joseph -- as he was called by all his children with wife Katherine -- was born on July 26th, 1928 in Fountain Hill, Arkansas and later moved to Indiana with his family. He, Katherine and their brood settled in Gary, Indiana, when Joe was employed as a steel worker, fought as an amateur boxer, and played guitar in semi-pro blues band called the Falcons.

Joe Jackson, who possessed limited talent and served as the Jackson Five's manager, will forever be synonymous with the stereotypical sadistic stage parent, with countless stories leaked through the years of his savage battery of his sons while "grooming" them for stardom -- and according to daughter LaToya, sexually abusing her and older sister Rebbie. When the band broke from Motown in 1975 to sign a lucrative deal with Epic Records, son Jermaine was torn due to the fact that he was married to Motown chief Berry Gordy's daughter Hazel. Joe forced his son to choose between his brothers and wife and Jermaine stuck with Motown, with Joseph forbidding the family to stay in contact with him.

Upon Michael Jackson's meteoric multi-platinum success with Thriller, Joseph strong-armed Michael to tour with his brothers in order to share the spotlight and spread the wealth within the family. Janet Jackson also chafed under Joe's direction, parting ways with him professionally in time to release her 1986 blockbuster, Control. Michael Jackson left his father nothing in his will.

In the 2003 ABC TV special Living With Michael Jackson, journalist Martin Bashir asked Michael Jackson about his father's abuse: (Bashir): "You just said that you would practice the dance steps and your father would be holding a belt in his hand. Is that what you just said?" (Michael Jackson): "Yes. Yeah, he would tear you up if you missed. And so we. . . Not only were we practicing, we were nervous rehearsing, because he sat in this chair and he had a belt in his hand, and if you didn't do it the right way he would tear you up -- really get you. I got it a lot of times, but I think my brother Marlon got it the most, but the others were very nervous and I was nervous, too, y'know? He was tough."