Next year, James Taylor will release Break Shot, a spoken performance audio book and memoir via Audible Inc. Taylor will narrate his life story through interviews with music journalist Bill Flanagan. In addition to that, Taylor revealed on his official website ( that he's currently putting the finishing touches on a new album due out early in 2020.

Taylor posted to fans on his website: "I've known Bill Flanagan and admired his writing forever. So I was happy and relieved that he had agreed to help me gather my thoughts and edit this autobiography of my beginnings, the on-ramp to the road I've traveled ever since. A pitcher needs a catcher and a funny and intelligent collaborator can make you seem likewise. To the best of my recollection, I never had much of a memory; but here's how I remember it. . . Did I say that already?"

James Taylor explained that as opposed to other types of artists, by the nature of how he works, he's revealing himself pretty much every time out: "Y'know, I'm sort of self-assembled, or self-concocted out of what surrounded me, when. . . as I was coming up and what music I heard. And I think that that's part of it. But in a case such as mine, where I play guitar and I write tunes and I sing them too, you get a lot of the person involved. Particularly, the kind of, y'know, the autobiographical self. . . we'll self-centered, actually kind of work that I do. So, in my case, what I'm doing largely is just communicating my inner self as much as possible."