Today is officially and unofficially Star Wars day.   You know “MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU” was kind of a joke but now seems to have become Stat Wars Day.

I remember seeing “The New Hope “at a theater in Downtown Salt Lake City.   I was just visiting friends there when we went and WOW what a fun movie.  I am a fan but not to the point of some people I know.

I do have a couple of Star Wars items in my home but actually sold most of my collection at a yard sale.

I love the movies and have seen each several times and I have my favorites and some ……. Not so much.

I would say Star Wars Episode three was and still is my favorite.  Why?  The Origin of Darth Vader, that burning planet.

Least favorite I would say Return of the Jedi.  I liked the movie but man those Ewoks got on my last nerve.  I will shock some with this statement I would rather see a Jar Jar Binks spin off than more Ewoks.   If you hate Jar Jar you know how I feel about Ewoks.

But that’s Ok!  Why?   I it just a movie or a series of really good movies.

So, I sign off today and say MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU and remember tomorrow is Revenge of the 5th!