They were the show about nothing and one of the last great variety shows on TV.   I am talking about Seinfeld and The Carrol Burnett show.

If I had a nickel for every hour I have watch these 2 shows I would have so many nickels that I would roll them up take em to the bank and retire!

Two shows completely different yet so alike ….THEY WERE FUNNY.

The antics of Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine got off to a rough start with the Seinfeld Chronicles.   I thought it was a good show then but as the writers and actors grew into their roles the show about nothing has been called the greatest sitcom of all time.

I read once that the show’s creator Larry David thought the show really hit its stride with the episode called ‘THE CONTEST’.   If you don’t know what it was about I ain’t telling you.  Let’s just say that Kramer lost and George won, (did he cheat) but we won’t know until the final episode because as Jerry said they were on: THE HONOR SYSTEM’

Favorite episodes include The Marine Biologist, The Soup Nazi (but only for the side story) the parody of the movie JFK, yes that was one magi loogy.  Festifus and the episode about SHRINKAGE1

Someone with too much time on their hands did a lot of math and figures Jerry got about 13 thousand dollars per line not per episode PER LINE.  Then he figured in Syndication that figure grew to 30 thousand per line.

I should ask for more that nickels for watching reruns

I also would like to wish Carol Burnett a happy 85th birthday today.  Carol was one of my boy hood crushes.  Yep I was in love with Carol Burnett.  The Carole Burnett show was like Seinfeld in one important way.  Great characters… however on Carol’s show the ensemble cast were the characters.  Carol, Vickie, Tim and Harvey would switch from one to another with amazing result.  Vickie who looked like Carol’s little sister most famous for MAMA.  Tim was Tim, His comic timing was awesome and he would adlib his parts that the cast would crack up especially Harvey.

Watch Tim tell the Siamese Elephant story

Carol thought she couldn’t sing very well but I loved her voice and of course the Tarzan yell.  Watch some classic Carol as Scarlett

So Happy Birthday Carole, I’m so glad we has some time together.   And a tug on my ear to you

Today on the morning show we talked about the infinity wars and working

Stupid news included a Drug test, Customer service and The University of Utah.

Laff lines: Singing along in the car