Joan Jett fans are chomping at the bit for Friday's (September 28th) theatrical release of her career-spanning doc, Bad Reputation. The film premiered to raves at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and is "a look at the life of Joan Jett, from her early years as the founder of the Runaways and first meeting with Kenny Laguna in 1980 to her enduring presence in pop culture as a rock n' roll pioneer."

Joan Jett explained that dealing with her life and career in the new doc feels much different than when she served as a producer on the 2010 biopic The Runaways: "This is different, 'cause it's a documentary and it's hopefully, y'know, what happened. The real-time filmed footage. It's definitely a surreal experience and it's more comfortable for me to be able to talk about something, like the Runaways or my band the Blackhearts when I'm not directly speaking about myself. When I have to talk about myself, it's weird. I don't feel comfortable in being able to be really free about it, 'cause I feel like I'm being narcissistic, or something, y'know?"