John Fogerty has donated the fee for his scrapped Woodstock 50 performance to pay for a new home for a U.S. Veteran. Last summer, when the doomed festival was on its last legs, Forgery had gone on record stating that he would give his already-paid guarantee to a good cause in the spirit of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival, which Fogerty performed at with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Variety reported a groundbreaking ceremony is set for Veteran's Day on November 11th in Las Vegas, where the legendary singer/songwriter will dedicate the "Proud Mary - John Fogerty Container Home" at Veterans Village. After the ceremony, Fogerty -- a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves -- will accompany local Las Vegas vets to a private screening of his new concert film, 50 Year Trip: Live At Red Rocks, which airs nationally that night via, Fathom Events.

According to the announcement, "The Veterans Village Container Homes are repurposed ocean shipping containers used to provide affordable housing for market rate buyers, low to moderate income individuals/families, and previously homeless individuals/families."

Over the past 50-plus-years, John Fogerty has always pressed forward writing and recording new music and told us he would rather pack it all in if all he did was rest on his laurels: "You've gotta keep the passion alive. I mean, you've got to really care; y'know, there's pride involved. I mean, I wasn't out, y'know, playing in front of people for years and years. I felt that I didn't have anything new to say and I just thought going out and only doing your old hits -- y'know, that's a very easy way out and very convenient and even; you get off the hook to a certain extent -- but I didn't want that. I thought if I don't have new music, something new and vital that will stand up to whatever I have done in my career, then I don't want people lookin' at me with pity."