John Fogerty and three of his kids took time out to recreate the cover photo to Creedence Clearwater Revival's legendary 1970 album, Cosmos Factory. Fogerty enlisted his sons Shane and Tyler with daughter Kelsey to pose in the spots of his former bandmates. Fogerty's brother Bob — who shot the original photo — returned to do the honors.

Fogerty posted on his social media platforms: “50 years later… 'FOGERTY’S FACTORY!' During this pandemic we re-created the iconic album cover of Cosmo's Factory by collecting items around the house, including the Kustom Amp that was played at Woodstock — complete with Bob Fogerty shooting this cover as well as the original! Stay tuned for more performances from the factory!”

John Fogerty told us he swells with pride when he describes the feeling of soaring through his catalogue night after night with his sons — Shane and Tyler flanking him onstage: “Y'know, it's great having my two sons up there rockin' out with me. I mean, that's an amazing feeling that I get to have every time I'm playing. It's hard to really express it, but anybody that's a dad knows exactly (laughs) what I'm talkin' about. I'm not sure I ever envisioned this happening and I'm just so blessed that it did.”