John Fogerty thinks his former bandmates who tour as Creedence Clearwater Revisited are once again trying to steal his thunder. Fogerty, who wrote, sang, and produced Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic hits, maintains that Stu Cook and Doug Clifford's "Final Revival" farewell tour is an attempt to take some of the shine off Fogerty's own "50 Year Trip" trek.

Fogerty told Rolling Stone that the timing of the Cook and Clifford's tour announcement seemed a bit suspect to him: "Isn’t that funny? I’m just opening at the Encore Theater in Vegas and they pull another one of those ‘Ah, well, we have something we’re doing over here.’ They could have said it two weeks ago or the day after next week. But it’s them dogging my career, so it’s not unusual."

Fogerty's current shows chronicle his entire career -- including material from Creedence and beyond -- with a special tip of the hat to the material from the band's three 1969 albums -- Bayou Country, Green River, and Willie And The Poor Boys.

John Fogerty credits his wife and manager, Julie, for inspiring him to take a closer look at what his 1969 songs meant to him and his fans: "Because that year was certainly a momentous year in my career and development -- and of course the band, Creedence -- I always just looked at it as, sort of, ‘well, yeah, that’s what happened, I got really busy.’ I mean, y'know, I was busy on purpose, of course (laughs), but in ’69, I released three albums, but you just sort of move on. You’re presenting an era is what you’re doing, really."