John Lennon and Yoko Ono's former Palm Beach, Florida mansion, named “El Solano,” is currently on the market for a cool $47.5 million. The Lennon's who had rented the property in March 1979, eventually purchased the house on January 31st, 1980. Julian Lennon last saw his father at the Palm Beach property, where he celebrated his 16th birthday a month early with his father, stepmother, and half-brother Sean.

The Lennon's purchased “El Solano” for $750,000 with Yoko Ono eventually selling the estate for $3.15 million in 1986. The house sits at 720 S. Ocean Blvd near President Trump's Mar-A-Lago property.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “The seven-bedroom, Spanish-style house spans roughly 14,000 square feet and dates back to around 1920, when it was designed by famed society architect Addison Mizner It has a large oceanfront dining room, a library and a grand salon with a wet bar. The house sits on roughly 1.3 acres with a tennis court, two swimming pools, a three-car garage and a beachfront cabana.”

Legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen took many of the most iconic shots of Lennon during the 1970's. He shed some light on Lennon's reclusive househusband years when the entire world was wondering why he had abandoned recording music: “Y'know, seeing him, he really had dedicated himself to raising his child, he really had kind of withdrawn from the business. He had a very, very, very intense involvement with — y'know, from the Beatles on — being managed by Allen Klein, one of the most powerful managers in the world. I think when that was finally settled in '77, when they signed off on that, and after that, he was kind of free and I think kind of enjoying not having any commitments to business and to companies. And wanted to learn what it was like to have a life.”