Coming on October 9th in celebration of John Lennon's 78th birthday, is the new book, Imagine John Yoko. Amazon posted package shots of the $50, 1.7 lbs, 320-page tome, with the book featuring "contributions from the people who were there." According to industry insiders, a revamped version of Lennon's classic 1971 solo album is also in the works, but there's been no word as to whether that will be a box set edition or simply yet another remastered Imagine CD. In the post for the book, Yoko Ono wrote: "A lot has been written about the creation of the song, the album and the film of Imagine, mainly by people who weren't there, so I'm very pleased and grateful that now, for the first time, so many of the participants have kindly given their time to 'gimme some truth' in their own words and pictures."

According to the book's description, "Imagine tells the story of John & Yoko's life, work and relationship during this intensely creative period. It transports readers to home and working environments through artfully compiled narrative film stills, Yoko's closely guarded archive photos and artifacts, and stitched-together panoramas taken from outtake film footage that recreate the interiors in evocative detail. Each chapter and song is introduced with text by John & Yoko compiled from published and unpublished sources and complemented by comments from Yoko today. Fresh insights are provided by musicians, engineers and staff who took part, many of whom feature on the inner sleeve's enigmatic picture wheel, in which the identities are finally revealed. All the minutiae is examined: the locations, the key players, the music and lyrics, the production techniques and the artworks - including the creative process behind the double exposure Polaroid's used on the album cover."

  • John Lennon's Imagine album was released on September 9th, 1971 and earned the former-Beatle his first solo Number One album. Among the classic songs on the set were the timeless title track -- which peaked at Number Three, "Jealous Guy," "Crippled Inside," "Gimme Some Truth," and his scathing evisceration of former partner Paul McCartney on "How Do You Sleep?" In 1975 Lennon was asked about his thoughts on the song, which, for many, symbolized the lowest point of the Beatles' breakup: "Two things I regretted; there was so much talk about Paul they missed the song. It was a good track, and y'know, I should've kept me mouth shut, not only the song -- it could've been about anybody, y'know? I mean, when you look at them back, y'know, (Bob) Dylan said it about his stuff that he found out most of it's about him (laughter). So, it's not about Paul -- it's about me. Y'know, I'm really attacking meself, but I regret the association -- but what do I regret? Y'know, I mean, he lived through it. The only thing that matters is how he and I feel about those things -- y'know, him and me are okay."