One of John Lennon's pianos is headed towards the auction block. TMZ reported the online only auction through Gotta Have Rock and Roll will run from April 10th through the 19th with the minimum bid set for $575,000. Lennon's piano dates back to 1872, and was made by John Broadwood & Sons, who had designed pianos for Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The keyboard has a plaque fixed on it stating: "ON THIS PIANO WAS WRITTEN: A Day In The Life, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite and many others. John Lennon. 1971."

In recent autobiography, Infinite Tuesdays, the Monkees' Mike Nesmith recalls the group traveling to London in early-1967 with Nesmith and his first wife Phyllis staying with John and Cynthia Lennon at their Weybridge estate during the recording of Sgt. Pepper: "It was just a small bedroom, one of many that he had. I remember a lot about the poster for '(Being For The Benefit For) Mr. Kite' being in John's little music room and us sitting there painting that piano -- he had the paintbrushes and everything. Sitting side-by-side playing the piano with him, and when he would play 'Mr. Kite' for me. 'Showed me how it went and sharing the music space with him, that was really nice. It was good. He was, y'know, gifted."