John Mellencamp returns today (December 7th) with his 24th album, Other People's Stuff. The album, which includes covers of older material recorded over thecourse of his career, includes such highlights as the well-worn civil rights anthem “Keep You Eyes On The Prize,” Merle Travis' song “Dark As A Dungeon,” and the great American ballad, “Wreck Of The Old '97.”

It was posted on, “Culled from seminal albums, compilations, unearthed sessions and documentaries, this record serves as a proud homage to some of the greatest songs in history. For the album, Mellencamp recorded a brand-new version of 'Eyes On The Prize,' which was originally performed at The White House. Mellencamp was asked by the Obama administration to perform for the 2010 Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement event. Mellencamp said of the new set, 'Most, if not all, of the songs on Other People’s Stuff come from the 'Great American Songbook.' These are songs that have been recorded over the last 40 years of my career, but had never been put together as one piece of work. Now, they have.'”

John Mellencamp has never shied away from airing his personal political beliefs, but feels that they're best served by incorporating them into his art — rather than standing on a soapbox during his concerts: “I think that if you're going to challenge people musically it should probably be on a record. Y'know, you don't mind people looking that way at a recording that you've done, and I think they should. But when they take a chance — and that's the word — take a chance, that perhaps they're going to pay their money to come and see something, I think that they should be entertained and they should leave saying, 'Jesus Christ, that's the greatest thing I've ever seen!'”