YES Featuring ARW singer Jon Anderson recalled the time he thought he would be killed onstage during a show in Argentina. According to UltimateClassicRock, YES was the first British band to play in Argentina during their 90125 tour in 1983 after the nation's war with the U.K. over the Falkand Islands had ended.

Anderson said, "We had death threats against us, so we didn’t fly to Argentina. We flew to Uruguay. So we’re in this room to have a conference call with the promoter and the presidente. And the presidente says, 'We will take care of you. Don’t worry about the death threats.'"

Anderson said that the band was flown in with an escort of five fighter planes, then bought to the stadium venue in a motorcade.

The singer added that the audience of 70,000 people were surrounded by 2,000 "army people with guns" to ensure the band's safety. He said, "It was very much like a movie. We’re getting ready to go on, the crowd going bananas, the music’s playing and as we’re walking out onstage, Chris Squire turns to me and says, 'Jon, I just realized, you know who they’re going to shoot at first?' I said, 'Oh (expletive), the singer.’"

So what was his solution? Anderson said, "So I just kept moving. I didn’t stand still."