Sports has returned but for how long?

This weekend saw the beginning of the Major league Baseball season and Thursday the NBA season resumes for the first time since March 11th when the world went more than just a little bit crazy after Jazzman Rudy Gorbert confirmed he had the co-vid 19 virus.

The only sport that seemed to be on was Pro-wrestling which I love (See my Turnbuckle trash podcast) but there are only so many hip tosses and eye gouges you can watch.  I was missing basketball and baseball.  So, I was happy to see the return of baseball this weekend… then it got kind of weird.

Watching Fox sports coverage of the Cubs and the Brewers just got weird when a long fly ball left Wrigley field to thousand of fans cheering!  WHAT?  Nope, some brilliant mind decided that technology could help by using special effects showing people in the stands when they were not there.  I WAS AWFUL, IT LOOKED TERRIBLE, IT SUCKED, IT WAS STUPID AND SURPIZE I DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!

I know there were trying to enhance the game but you don’t enhance when you make a fan cringe every time a flyball is hit know you are going to see real people being used for fake purposes.  Just play the game let the players and announcers tell the story.  I hope other fans like me will let MLB and the networks know that it is not needed.

Take a page from Pro wrestling pipe in a little crowd noise and have a few people with social distancing in mind sitting in the stands with mic’s near by to pick up some cheers and crowd reactions.  Don’t turn up those mic’s too loud or the four-letter words will fly.  That’s why you have some piped in crowd noise to cover up some of the let’s just say  7 words you can’t use on TV.


Just don’t say I didn’t warn you they are dirty and yes … dare I say?   YES, I DARE!   *&&%$  funny.

Today I had some special guest as we talked about the upcoming ride for the fallen.  Here it is again



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