There is a dance song from the 90’s with the lyrics “Things that make you hmmm?”   I had a moment like that this morning about 4:45 am

I was on my way to the radio station this morning and stopped at a store to pick up a drink.  As I was pulling in I noticed a car in the parking lot with the driver’s door open.   I get closer and see no one is in the car,  HMMM!  Then I see some valuables on the passenger side seat HMMM!   I get out of my car and see the car in running  HMMM.

Why not put a sign on the car that says STEAL ME.

Call me cynical, ( I have been called worse) but why would anyone do this.   I know we live in one of the least crime prone cities in the nation, but that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen!  Just ask any police officer.

That is my rant.  I just want to remind you that with the upcoming Holiday season people are looking to steal your stuff.  Don’t make it easy on them!


Today’s Laff Lines is from Jerry Seinfeld



Today’s stupid news deals with fried chicken, spiders and donuts.  Listen here