In one of those rare occasions in which you really do need to check if pigs are flying -- Keith Richards has revealed that -- barring the occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer -- as he creeps up to 75, he's essentially sober. Richards -- whose primary poison for years was Stoli and Sunkist -- told Rolling Stone: "It’s been about a year now. I pulled the plug on it. I got fed up with it. It was time to quit. Just like all the other stuff." When asked if it was an adjustment for him, Richards laughed and said, "You can call it that, yeah. But I don’t notice any difference really -- except for I don’t drink. I wasn’t feeling (right). I’ve done it. I didn’t want that anymore. . . It was interesting to play sober."

Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, who's been sober since 2010 explained, "It just wasn’t working anymore, y'know? I think the Keith that we used to know and love had this cutoff point where if he had one more, he’d go over the top and he’d be nasty. The cutoff point became shorter and shorter, y'know, and he realized that."

Wood added that he's felt the difference in the way the two guitarists interact musically on stage: "We’re weaving (guitar parts) a lot more conscientiously now. We’re much more aware of the gaps and the spaces between. We’re in our 70's, but we’re still rocking like we’re 40-year-olds, y'know?"

Keith Richards told us that kicking heroin in the late-1970's was the most important accomplishment of his adult life: "Of course it made an incredible difference; you suddenly feel like you've woken up again. At the same time, that's just my life. That's what I did -- that's the most important thing to me is that I just came through the other end for all of the poor boys that didn't, y'know what I mean? I lost a lot of friends, y'know? And that's ridiculous when you realize so many good people for such a silly reason."