I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s..  Well really you can add the 60’s to that to.   OK to be truthful, I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and a young adult of the 80’s.  As I grow older I will talk with kids and tell those stories and they look and me like I am from another planet.  (Could be, you never know)

Here are some of the things we can say to a kid that they have no idea about

Let’s get a stack of 45’s on the old hi-fi and have a dance party

That feeling of getting out a VHS tape and being mad with the last person to use it didn’t rewind it.  Then you realize it was you

Let’s go see a double feature at the drive in

Who wants to play a game of Pong?

Waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio then recording it on your crassest

Going  to Blockbuster to get the movie you have been waiting to see then it is SOLD OUT!

Cool people who had brick phones

The smell the purple ink on the “ditto” paper.
You just heat up the oil first, add the popcorn and shake the pan over the burner.

MTV used to stand for “Music Television” and now stands for “More tasteless viewing”

 Getting lost because you didn’t follow the map

Taping your favorite show only to find out some had recorded over it before you could watch it

Waiting for your pictures to be developed or forgetting to take in the film from your last vacation for a couple of years

And finally waking up early on Saturday mornings so you could watch cartoons and having your mother say “Why can’t you wake up to go to school during the week and now at 6am on Saturday here you are watching Batman”

But hey we still need those kids to help us with our computers

Today we talked Muppets and B. O.

Stupid news: the times we live in, a package delivered to the wrong address and lucky people.  Listen here

Laff lines Jerry Seinfeld on cookies