Kiss drummer Eric Singer has been sworn in by the Wharton, Texas police department as an "honorary corporal." Blabbermouth reported the town's police chief Terry David Lynch did the honors prior to the band's September 9th gig at Houston's Toyota Center. Singer accepted the lifetime position via a formal letter from the chief along with "a custom shadow box bearing the department's insignia for presentation purposes."

The official letter from the chief to Singer reads in part, "On behalf of Chief Terry David Lynch, and the men and women of the Wharton Police Department, we appoint you to the rank of Honorary Corporal with our department, in grateful acknowledgement of the honor and respect you show all of America's dedicated law enforcement heroes and their families. The Corporal badge presented to you today has been selflessly worn by many within our department and today, it begins a new chapter with you. We ask that you display it proudly as it represents our commitment to protect those who call on us in times of danger, and in remembrance of the nearly 24,000 officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since 1791."

Gene Simmons told us that despite the knocks Kiss has received from the rock press over the years, that sometimes in rock n' roll, style actually makes for excellent substance: "Y'know, every few years there's a kind of born-again thing that happens with Kiss, a kick in the butt. And despite the naysayers and whoever else we have long since buried in our backyards of mansions that bad reviews built us -- we all live and die by the masses. So interestingly enough, the movies that I go see, that I love, when I read the reviews, I'm shocked because I always get the sense, 'Oh, they must have seen a different movie.' So when I go see G.I. Joe, or Transformers, or some of the other great thrill-rides; This ain't Shakespeare! (Laughs) But it also doesn't pretend to be. That's not why I'm going. I wanna see the world blow up."