Longtime Kiss drummer Eric Singer says that when it comes to the band, the buck stops with Paul Stanley -- not Gene Simmons. Singer, a childhood Kiss fan, had drummed in Black Sabbath in the 1980's and replaced Eric Carr as the band's drummer in 1991. In 1995 he was instrumental in getting Peter Criss back into the Kiss fold prior to their reunion and along with current guitarist Tommy Thayer, reportedly helped Criss get reacquainted with the long forgotten Kiss material.

During a chat with Rockmusicstar.com, he explained that Paul Stanley is the key decision maker in Kiss: "People always think it’s Gene. Respectfully, Gene and Paul do the thing together, but I always tell people, it’s not what you think. Nothing happens in Kiss without Paul Stanley saying, 'Yay.' There’s some times when Paul doesn’t care about something, and says, 'Yeah, I don’t care. Whatever.' Put it this way, if Gene wants to do it, and Eric and Tommy want to do it, and everybody else. . . if Paul doesn’t want to do something, we’re not doing it. If Paul wants to do it and Gene doesn’t, Gene usually says, 'Okay, whatever.' Gene usually just wants to play. He just wants to keep doing whatever we do."

Both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have been quite vocal about Kiss living on far into the future long after both its co-founders have retired from the stage. Stanley told us that Kiss is far bigger and important than its past or present members: "The people who believe that the band can’t exist or continue without me or Gene, either both or singularly, well, a lot of those people in the late-‘70s believed the band couldn’t continue without the original four. At this point they’re 50 percent wrong. And when we play to 15, 50, 100,000 people, they’re not interested in the specifics of the past -- they’re interested in the band and what it represents, and what it brings to a concert, and what it stands for."