September 10 2014

On Thursday the KOOL.FM video of the day was all about ways to save money in our every day life. One of the tips was to use peanut butter instead of shaving cream ( which looked awful, but tasty) and it made me think of a tip my Uncle Danis gave me years ago about shaving that I still use today instead of shaving cream which can get expensive I use hand lotion! I shower 1st then apply the lotion and shave and get a good close shave that way! Just think of the money I have saved over the years, granted I had a full beard for about 25 years but still it works for me! I have know people who take any extra condiments that they get from a fast food restaurant and use them at home or when on a trip take the little soaps lotions and coffee packets when they check out. But I wouldn’t recommend taking the towels – a bathroom decorated like a Holiday Inn is not that cool.

Friday on the morning show we had you give us some money saving tips on air and on Facebook Facebook responses included :

Diane who advised to Pay your house payment every two weeks this will give you an extra payment for the year. Pay as much as you can on the principal in the beginning of the mortgage. Eat out less. Make more meals in a crock pot – great way to make economical meals and also great to come home to a meal ready to eat quickly. Take leftovers for lunch the next day. Plan meals for the week or month and stick to it. Less likely to over buy foods on a whim. Take the bus or car pool. Insulate your home, turn off appliances that keep drawing power such as a microwave or toaster or computer, TV or stereo.

Teresa posted this A good friend told me to make a menu for the week and stick to it. I finally decided to give it a try. It is great! I make a menu allowing for “eating leftover” days and only buy what I need to make those dishes. My grocery bill is a lot lower each week. Before I would walk through the grocery store aisles thinking, “I might need this” or “if I make this recipe I’ll need some of this” but then never make the recipe. Now I buy what I need to make the 3-4 dishes a week I selected. A lot easier and a lot less stressful because I know what I’m going to make rather than standing in front of the pantry trying to figure out what I can make with the ingredients I happen to have. Also, some of the store brands are just as good or a lot better tasting than the major brands – and a lot cheaper!

Megan I made it a rule to NEVER buy clothes full-price. Pretty much every store will have at least a 20% off at some point, but most will have 40-60% off, so I always wait for those sales. I also try to stack coupons with those sales to get a better deal! I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon as well, and it’s usually cheaper than going to the store. I also use Ebates, which is awesome to get money back on what I’m buying online!

Some great calls on Friday morning too! Listen to them here

During the week we found out about a new Ghost busters movie – our favorite fast food – we remembered the late Paul revere and the nominees for the class of 2015 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame listen here

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