At a picnic several years ago, I was really on one.  I was telling stories and jokes to my friends.  At one point a lady asked my wife ”IS HE ALWAYS LIKE THIS?’

My wife’s response was “YES”.

I have been blessed over the years to be able to laugh at almost everything life throws at me.


That is me!

I have had to go to Physical therapy for a hand and wrist injury.  The surgery was September 18th and was more intense than I ever imagined.


My hand is still painful and fingers have trouble being straight or making a fist.   But I am improving!   As you read this I am typing with both hands!!!!!!!! The 1st time I haven’t used the one handed hunt and peck method.

So today I go to another round of P.T. with Ryan, who will stretch and manipulate my wrist and fingers with me pounding on the table in pain while trying not to use every four letter word I know and I know a lot.  There will be times I want to tear Ryan’s hair out, but I won’t because he is bald.

Last week after a painful interaction Ryan said “Piece of cake” but he lied, THERE WAS NO CAKE INVOLVED!

I know it’s just an expression but let me give you all advice.  DON’T SAY CAKE AROUND A FAT MAN UNLESS YOU HAVE A 7 LAYER MASTERPIECE READY TO GO.  Or at least a Hostess cupcake!

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