Set for home release on June 26th is Live Baby Live, which spotlights INXS's legendary 1991 show at London's Wembley Stadium. The concert film, which made its big screen debut back in 2018, has been fully restored from the original 35mm print to create a new widescreen 4K Ultra HD version. Live Baby Live will be issued as a digital download, and on 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD

New to the film is "Lately" from the band's 1990's X album, which is now returned to its rightful position in the concert setlist. The show features a new Dolby Atmos audio mix by the band's executive music producer Giles Martin and Sam Okell, created at Abbey Road Studios.

Guitarist Tim Farriss said in the press release for the revamped film: "We were just six blokes from Australia that treated Wembley Stadium like just another pub gig, we went in with a PA and a few lights and played our asses off. No ego ramps, no back-up singers, no props, no grand pianos etc, just the six of us -- and the audience went nuts! That's all we needed!"

While viewing the footage in the film, Tim Farris told us he was reminded of all the ways his friend, the late, great Michael Hutchence was unique: "Well, the other thing about Michael; we all were wearing stuff we had made or had bought specifically for that show, y'know, whatever. I had the Jesus t-shirt printed up just for that show. And Michael puts on this multi-colored shirt that, y'know, when I look at it on my computer, for instance, and I zoom in and it's, like, a rag. Y'know? It's like, what was he thinking, y'know? But it looks good. I mean, Michael was that kind of guy, he could wear anything, and you go -- 'Oh, that looks sensational.' (Laughs) And the guy could make a rag look good. And he just has that panache, and style. He was like that a bit onstage, as well. It was very, just, natural."