Lenny Kravitz is receiving raves for his new album Raise Vibration, which is being hailed as a return to his early-era glory days of Mama Said and Are You Gonna Go My Way. Kravtiz revealed to us that what sets Raise Vibration apart from all his other albums, is that both the songs' music and lyrics came fully formed from his subconscious: "This entire album was dreamt. I dreamt every song. I dream songs a lot -- but I've never dreamt an entire album, maybe a couple of songs (that) you hear on each album come from dreams -- but this whole album was dreamt. And it's definitely a reflection of what I'm thinking about -- what I think a lot of us are thinking about. Y'know, we're living in very interesting and trying times and I think we're standing in front of so many different crossroads. And there are a lot of questions to be answered and a lot of things to be said."