Here is the weekend and it is going to rain!  But that lets us plan for more enjoyable weekend in the future.  So one of the things I like to do on the weekends us just go for a drive.   Don’t get me wrong we ALWAYS stop for a meal or at least a treat.  Yes I am almost 61 and I can be talked into driving with TREATS.

These short drives aren’t as long and fun as they used to be why? MONEY!  When the coat of gas started getting higher the road trips got smaller

Over the years I have lived in areas pf the country with very scenic drives.  Some of my favorites are driving on old Rt 66 from outside of Bullhead city to Kingman Arizona.    At one point of the drive you feel like you are on another planet!  You get to a MT peak and there is nothing but desert.  Along the way we also stop in Outman Arizona.   There is another section too that goes south just outside of Needles. ) Yes I have never been to Spain, only made it out to Needles).

When I lived in Missouri and Arkansas there were lots of great drive.  In Arkansas at Christmas time, I drove home on a shortcut through the Ozarks that a friend told me about that saved me about 75 miles!   One problem it was cold the roads were slick and filled with little redbirds on the roadways trying to stay warm.   And oh Dave ran into several, it got so bad that I started honking my horn as I rounded each Mt road curve.  Same thing happened in Louisiana but driving through the swamp it wasn’t gators it was armadillo’s and a few owls and one skunk scare.

Here in Northern Utah we have so many great places to Drive.  I like to take the highway from Brigham through Honeyville.  Logan Canyon is always nice. And for a very short but enjoyable drive it’s Canyon Road to 1st damn.

Short drives are a great way to talk with your spouse your kids of to leave them at home and get ALONE TIME.  But as I remind you on the radio every Friday “If you have been imbibing don’t be a driving”

Morning show today.  Lonely Highway, and Millions


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