Today’s blog idea came from a conversation that I had with Benji on Wednesday afternoon. We were talking about our favorite movies and since there is an age gap he had never seen several of the movies I mentioned.  Benji said why don’t you blog some of those movies and I will have a list.    So I did and here is the list of movies Dave has for Benji to watch.

Animal house, Uncle Buck, Blazing Saddles, The Jerk,  This is Spinal Tap, Big, Splash,  Police Academy, Good Morning Vietnam, It’s a Mad Mad Mad World, Duck Soup, The Princess Bride, Ed Wood, Forest Gump, Young Frankenstein, The Blues Brothers,  ground Hog day, Planes Trains and Automobiles Vacation and Vegas Vacation, FM, Revenge of the Nerds,  16 candles, Meatballs, bad News Bears, Goonies, Tommy Boy, The Breakfast Club, Naked Gun,  Ferris Buller’s day off. and Airplane.

Here are some favorite movie quotes Listen here

Some list huh?    When you do a list like this you always think “I should have put that movie in the mix” So if you recommend a movie to Benji make sure to comment in the meantime

Today we talked NFL

Stupid News had 4 stupid stories about Ice, a Stupid Cop, and A stupid couple and hunting in Idaho; listen here

Laff lines:  Jim Dunn on winter