Life is pretty complicated, yet I consider myself a simple man.

I do have some complications coming up.  Wednesday of this week I will have surgery on my left elbow for a nerve issue.  Simple right?  Not really.

When I was going to the Dr for some numbness in my fingers they thought they knew what it was and they did BUT, doing test on the numbness in my arm, the doctors discovered some bad damage in my neck.

Now that is complicated.  But as they say on late night TV.  WAIT THERE IS MORE !   When seeing the Dr for my elbow surgery he discovered another reason why my hand hurt.  My left wrist has something called the Terry Thomas sign.   He was a famous actor who had a gap in his teeth.  Today you might think of Micheal Strahan or David Letterman.   There is gap in my wrist that is expanding and needs to be surgically repair on Wednesday.  Pretty simple right?


Remember the neck problems?  I was trying Physical therapy that just made things worse! So later this fall there is the real possibility of a neck surgery.

So right now my life is complicated … but I am still a simple man  and today  I found a survey that was conducted to find out our favorite “SIMPLE PLEASSURES”

  1. Listening to your favorite music.  58% said it’s one of their simple pleasures.  (KOOL 1039, does this for me)
  2. Cooking your favorite meal.( I prefer eating, and usually includes Bacon)
  3. Eating ice cream.( My favorite would be COLD)
  4. Buying new clothes. ( Only if it is Batman or Pro Wrestling related)
  5. Holding hands with someone you love.( Her name is Teresa)
  6. Going to the movies.(or watching one at home)
  7. Watching a sunrise or sunset.( I see enough sunrises, waking up at 415am I need a few sunsets)
  8. Being able to sleep in with no alarm.
  9. A comfortable bed. (Oh yeah, sometimes after a long day when you hit that bed it just feels great)
  10. Taking a long, hot shower.  (Not really me I like the hop in wash rinse and out method)

So my life is complicated right now but I am milking it for all it’s worth.   I will show this list to my wife and say PLEASE, epically the Bacon, oh and the ice cream, oh and the watching movies, oh and listening to KOOL 1039


Early to bed:

Stupid news Vaping, Capitan America and a stolen … toilet!

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