Coming on November 30th will be the 236-page photo book, Linda McCartney. Polaroids. As most Paul McCartney fans have been well aware of, in addition to shooting thousands of rolls of film and slides, Linda was an avid Polaroid photographer, documenting Wings in the studio, as well as her and Paul's family life at home in London and on their Scottish farm. The book will be published through the high-end German imprint Taschen.

The Daily Beatle posted some details on the set: “This new book presents the striking images of Linda's vast collection of Polaroids, tracing these last 30 years in the life of McCartney. These spontaneous images are full of candor and offer a particularly intimate testimony of Linda, mother, artist and militant vegetarian, defending the animal cause.”

Linda Eastman, who was a well-known New York-based photographer prior to meeting Paul in 1967 — and eventually marrying him in 1969 — made her bones as being the unofficial staff photographer at New York’s Fillmore East, along with capturing timeless images of the best of ‘60s rock.

Elvis Costello, a collaborator of Paul’s and longtime McCartney family friend, recalled why he felt Linda was such a unique photographer after looking at her portraits closely: “And they were all people who she had revealed. They had revealed something of themselves in the pictures and the people were off guard. It’s really beautiful pictures of very famous musicians. That isn’t just all in the skill of the moment that you choose to take the photograph; it’s down to your ability to be. . . for people to be at ease with you.”

The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde became one of Linda McCartney's closest friends and most adamant supporters. She explained that although many fans were hung up about her presence on the stage with McCartney — she remained cool about it: “One misconception about Linda is that she wanted to get onstage with Paul and she wanted to be on that, she got. . . Y'know, she got a lot of flack, 'cause Paul McCartney was in the Beatles — read my lips, y'know? They didn't wanna see the wife onstage with him. He wanted her there. So, I think she probably took some flack for, y'know, 'What's the bitch doin' onstage?' When she was just, y'know, havin' a laugh. But she never said: 'I wanna play keyboards in your band.'”